Young Oncologist Club Bulgaria
Precision Medicine – Bulgarian Experience


May 05th, 2017 – 18.00 – 20.00 h

Moderators: Dr. R. Krasteva , Dr. Z. Zahariev

1. Beyond Gene Tests – Advanced Capabilities of Molecular Diagnostics – Dr. B. Petrov
2. Immunotherapy – A New Approach to the Treatment of Solid Tumors – Bulgarian Experience – Dr. A. Petrova / Dr. T. Lubomirova
3. New Opportunities for Personalized Treatment in Lung Cancer – Dr. N. Chilingirova
4. New Opportunities for Personalized Treatment in Breast Cancer – Dr. M.Koleva / Dr. R. Krasteva
5. Quality of Life in Women Undergoing Hormone Therapy for Early Breast Cancer– Dr. R. Krasteva
6. Clinical Experience in Her-2 Positive Breast Cancer – Dr. P. Balikova
7. Personalized Treatment in Primary Multiplicity – Dr. H. Spasov
8. Modern Options of Radiotherapy for Personalized Treatment in Prostate Cancer – Dr. Z. Zahariev